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Regd. Date:    31-03-1993 vide Regd. No :    4856/880/93

Chief Functionary : PRAVAS RANJAN MISHRA

Located in City : Bhubaneswar of Orissa State, India.
Address NGO Address : Plot-519, Unit-III, Kharvelnagar, Back to SRIYA, Bhubaneswar PIN

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Phone Phone : 0674-6570163
Mobile Mobile : 09937138830
Email Email : kartabya_socialaction@rediffmail.com
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NGO Activities : Background “KARTABYA” is a group of new generations who spontaneously donate their leisure and labour for the cause of those who spend their every moment of live through appetite, insanitation, illiteracy, ignorance and poverty. The organization has got its establishment to materialize the dedicated and volunteer attitude of development professionals for the cause of society. Areas of Action ► Socio – economic upliftment of street and slum children. ► Capacity building and empowering the tribal and rural poor. ► Women empowerment ► Rural healthy and sanitation ► Revival of traditional health system. ► Environment protection. ► Self-employment training programme in tribal and rural areas. ► Impact assessment on development interventions COMPOSITE CENTER FOR THE SLUM AND WORKING CHILDREN Community sharing • Entire project activity shared among the slum people so that they became aware on the objectives and expected outcome of the project. • Inputs from the community and the target parents are taken for the sustainability of the project. • It was suggested in the community sharing that the targeted slum children need to be enumerated to know the overall status of the slum children. Formation of committee • A parent committee is being formed in the community. The committee sits once in a month to discuss the underlying problems and possible solutions of checking the slum children from child labour. • Discussions are also made on the issues of street children and what are the step scan be undertaken to check the vulnerability of the street children. It was also discussed in the meeting that part of the activity of the composite center of the slum children should be made for the street children. Education and Main streaming • A community school is running in the slum where 100 children are getting education. Each child is being facilitated for continuation of education. Efforts are being undertaken to mainstream the slum children into the formal education system. Vocational training programme • The vocational need and capacity is identified among the targeted children. Those are eligible to get the vocational training; they are given training on tailoring and appliqué. • Some of the children are also given training on plumbing and carpentry. • Counseling are provided to the parents of the targeted children through a psychologist/counselor of the organization regarding exploitation of children and not to engage them in the wage related activities. Health check up • Regular health checks up camps are being organized for the slum and street children in the target area. Primary treatments are provided to the children during the camp. CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMME FOR THE PRIS It is evident that Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) are the key stakeholders in the development process of the state as well as the country. They are placed in an important place which relates the community needs with the government development programmes. Due to lack of capacity of the PRI members and interest on the part of Government officials, PRI functionaries are not able to exercise their power to a great extent. This was the finding from the workshop on PRI, which was conducted in project locations of Keonhar and Nuapara District. The participants of the workshop were the PRI functionaries, community leader and Govt. officials who provided valuable opinions on effective functioning of Panchayats in the state. TRAINING AND CAPACITY BUILDING OF WOMEN In our recent modern society women find little or no space to assert their rights. Their situation is also more vulnerable in the context of globalization. They always fall back in realizing the ultimate outcome of every socio-economic development initiatives undertaken by different agencies. Apart from that there are number of taboos exists in the society which prevents them participate in every sphere of work and also they are not prioritized in compared to male counterparts. Looking into this background the organization has organized a mass community awareness programme on empowerment. The resource persons of the programme conveyed the message on the available entitlements for the women groups and how they can access those benefits without any sort of hurdles. Apart from this they were also oriented on the official procedure on getting those benefits. The outcome of the activity helped the women group to access the schemes implemented by different agencies. Already formed 52 Self-help groups were invited into different phases. They got trained on the book keeping mechanism and they also got the knowledge on the vocational training. There were also subjects covering the marking of the available local products. BRIDGE COURSE PROGRAMME FOR OUT-OF-SCHOOL CHILDREN With an objective to provide education to the out-of-school children, the organization has been assigned by the Govt of orissa to conduct bridge course programme in the slum areas of Bhubaneswar city. In this process, the targeted children are identified with the help of existing education committees of the slum. Thus, the organization has tried to bring the street children into limelight by providing them education, which will enhance their mental ability. At the same time awareness was created among the parents to create demand for education so that they can access basic rights of life. SOCIO-ECONOMIC SURVEY OF THE DISPLACED PERSONS The organization has undertaken a survey of the displaced persons in the nearby areas of the Dhamara port. The objective was to identify the project affected persons to get the compensation amount. The survey questions were prepared by the Dhamara Port Authority, which contained the socio-economic background of the families, their occupational status, land and other details of the target households. Thus based on this survey the authority of the Dhamara port is planning to provide identity cards for the project affected persons so that in future there will be no confusion in receiving compensation amount. CAMPAIGN ON ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS It was felt that environment protection would make the society towards sustainable development. Looking into this the organization has organized a environment awareness campaign with the school students of Bhubaneswar. Students participated in the rally organized by the organization. Leaflets were distributed to create a mass awareness among the general people. There was also a general meeting with the slum community where local resource persons delivered their views on the need for environment protection and how this will save our future generation in the context of growing industrialization. There were also representation of community level leaders, key persons such as teachers and other community members in the general meeting
NGO ID : 10497241245
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