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Regd. Date:    22-09-2000 vide Regd. No :    21041/180 of 2000-2001

Chief Functionary : basant kumar nanda

Located in City : Bhubaneswar of Orissa State, India.
Address NGO Address : SCR-10,Surya Nagar,Bhubaneswar Orissa.

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Phone Phone : 99371-74509
Mobile Mobile : 9938416111
Email Email : gracea2z@gmail.com
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NGO Activities : “Service to mankind is service to God”. Selflessly, serving the poor, serving the society and up liftment of down trodden once was a dream for a handful of founder members of Grace Fellowship. The dreams came into reality in the year 2000 in the shape of GRACE FELLOWSHIP a non-profit making voluntary organization. With all odds and adversity, Grace Fellowship started its journey and never looked back. It has engaged itself for the betterment of poor, SC/ST and down trodden people of the social strata by promoting awareness, health care, literacy, income generating programmes and other developmental activities. It’s area of operation is not limited to any particular district but many districts of Orissa e.g. Jagatsinghpur, , Jajpur, Athmallick NAC, Rairakhol, Koraput (KBK) and some slums of Bhubaneswar. This Organisation provided remarkable health and education awareness by organizing various camps, media exposures, visits, celebrations, etc. with active collaboration and support by different other voluntary organizations and Govt. departments. Systematic health awareness to people have been provided on AIDS, LEPROSY, PLAGUE, T.B., FIRST AID, CHOLERA, NUITIRITION, FAMILY PLANNING, SANITATION AND SAFE DRINKING WATER, etc. Grace Fellowship in coordination with RIM (Restoration India Mission) entered into the non-reachable areas of Kandhmal at the time of communal riots with the permission of Govt. and continued its effort of distribution of relief while maintaining communal harmony by organizing seminars on “ CONVERSION & COMMUNAL RIOTS” and was commended by the President, RIM. At Rairakhol of Sambalpur district Grace Fellowship has started 10 pre-school centres for the children of SC/ST and poor people of its own and awaiting for Govt. aid. The organization is in search of ample scope for establishment of an Old age home keeping in mind negligence of old and aged people by the society due to commercialization, modernization and westernization of lifestyle. The Organisation is armed with well qualified team of young and enthusiastic men ready to take up any arduous nature of duties with a motto of ‘Service to mankind is service to God’.
NGO ID : 10564241245
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