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Regd. Date:    31-05-2003 vide Regd. No :    KARIM/258/A/14

Chief Functionary : Samar Bijoy Acharjee

Located in City : Badarpur of Assam State, India.

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Phone Phone : 03845-269315
Mobile Mobile : 9678545485
Email Email : handicapped_society@rediffmail.com
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NGO Activities : Handicapped Society, Badarpur Assam have established dated on 27th January, 2002 in Badarpur under Barak Valley area along with others places of N.E. areas which have done medical, health & family welfare camps, seminars, awareness camps workshops and also various activities like social justice, empowerment for the people of handicapped & disabled, poorest, deprived harassed, persecuted, plightful, problemful peoples, students, children and all types of citizens for their welfare , development, legitimate justice etc.etc. The society have done and doing till now to maintain the communal harmony, peace, well environment, brotherhood amongst all types of the citizen of country for the strength prosperity of nation . The have done free eye camps and patriotic works . The society is fighting against illegal , corruption, exploitation, discrimination, injustice etc. activities vehemently has people will be get all types of facility and benefits and ensurely and immediately the society have been doing self-employment schemes, others welfare activities like education for blind deaf and dumb, physically challenged all persons, mentally retired , autism, multipurpose disabled persons welfare activities, justice & re-habitation , obtainment of certificate , Identity Card ,BPL card, Ration card special cards, financial assistance , concession in bus fare, rehabilitation centre & various works for the welfare and self of physically challenged, old aged & undeveloped persons, unemployed youths helpless persons of local areas with others places. The society have obtained one land where rehabilitation institutions , physiotherapy centre, largest cure centre, old aged home, nursing home, classic well self employment largest institution, nursing training centre and various educational institution will be established if Government, departmental or others organisation etc.’ help and co-operation will provide their extend heartiest financial assistance soon and surely . The society wants to do all types of works of the government . in partnership of various government. and non-government departmental works as people of country will get benefits and facility of government various schemes and project soon and surely through this NGO . Because this NGO is a too senior and working for the people , students randomly which records and documents have in practical in government . and others records. Aspire if this NGO will get the various works of Govt. and others then this NGO will able to perform best and satisfactorical works for all peoples in all areas firmly and legitimately and surely. This NGO have done rural areas developmental and social justice, various health care camps lot of people have get the benefits and so many persons have get eye sights and various benefits . This NGO have done Identity camp for physically challenged people and this NGO have allotted Aids and appliances and financial assistance to the people who are poor and needy . This NGO have given marriaged of poor persons by providing financial assistance .. This NGO have done sports and games in village areas and town areas for the enjoyment of persons for their mind satisfaction and development of people who are languished and mentally frustrated situation.
NGO ID : 12774241255
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