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Regd. Date:    02-03-2002 vide Regd. No :    238/79

Chief Functionary : K A THOMAS

Located in City : JORHAT of Assam State, India.

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Phone Phone : 0376-2310114
Mobile Mobile : 09435050601
Email Email : icard@rediffmail.com
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NGO Activities : MAIN ACTIVITIES OF I-CARD The main activities of I-CARD consist of empowering tribal communities to discover their identities and achieve recognition through a sustainable and replicable model of development. 1. Leadership training of tribal youth – since 2003, 20 youth (boys and girls) are being trained in our Leadership Training Centre at Sadiya, Tinsukia Dist. It is a ten month campus course, focusing on personal, social, cultural, spiritual and community development, transforming them into agents of change and transformation. 2. Probation – after the intensive training course, the youth leaders in four groups of five members each spread into 40 villages, each group covering 10 villages to complete their six-month probation period. During this field-placement the youth leaders (now known as Takars, meaning Stars) interact, eat and sleep in the villages, undertaking awareness campaigns on various social issues through street-plays, cultural songs and dances at the same time assisting formation of SHGs, JLGs , dissemination of right-based personal and social problems, organization of the village Youth Groups who are to initiate and take forward the actual work of transformation and change. 3. ARDA Committees – towards end of the probation period, Agency for Rural Development Action (ARDA) Committees are formed in every 10 village circle for continuity, sustainable and culturally-rooted development in areas of Agriculture, Livestock, Weaving, Health, Hygiene, Education & literature, Culture, Women & Youth and SHG. Most of their activities are related to women empowerment. It is an on-going process since 2002 such that as of date 280 villages in the 8 districts of upper Assam and 3 districts of south-east Arunachal Pradesh are under the coverage of I-CARDs developmental programmes and projects. 160 trained youth leaders–the Takars, 280 village Youth Groups, a network of TakarNets, 28 ARDA Committees and numerous village sub-groups constitute a formidable movement and unique agents of transformation that is dynamic, life-giving, sustainable and above all replicable. 4. I-CARDs well tested strategies have been internationally acclaimed by the ASHOKA FOUNDATION, based in Washington, USA – guaranteeing its ethical fiber, replicability, innovative and potency to create NATIONAL IMPACT. 5. I-CARD is one model NGO in the North East that has adequate physical infrastructure, professional manpower and vibrant presence in 11districts (8 in Assam and 3 in Arnchl Pradesh) for implementation of State /Central Govt Welfare Schemes. Students from foreign Universities are being encouraged to undertake research work on the replicability model of the developmental programmes of I-CARD. 6. Future Plans
NGO ID : 12854241256
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