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Regd. Date:    11-10-1979 vide Regd. No :    8367

Chief Functionary : Vincent Toppo

Located in City : Bagicha of Chhattisgarh State, India.
Address NGO Address : Jaspur Samaj Seva Samiti Badupara, P.O – Musgutri Dist - Jashpur, Chhattisgarh PIN Code- 496 - 224

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Phone Phone : 07796-249125
Mobile Mobile : 9424187780
Email Email : vincent_toppo@rediffmail.com
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NGO Activities : Adult Education Programme in Tribal villages, in Jashpur and Kunkuri block. JSSS started its work by adult education programmes in tribal villages. In 1980 11 villages funded by OXFAM, UK for this porgramme in Jashpur block and it continued up to 1982. In 1983 Same Adult education programme was started in another near by block called Kunkuri, 30 Villages in 1983. But funding was by CEBEMO, Nederland. It was supported till 1988. In this programme people could able to write and read the Newspapers. 2. Grain Bank Scheme in Tribal Villages, in Jashpur, Duldula, Kunkuri and Bagicha block in Jashpur District. Follow up of this Programme JSSS have started the Grain Bank scheme (traditionally) almost finished (Dhan Gola) in modified way. Villagers themselves collect paddy in equal proposition and they store it for lean period say for July - August months of the year. This month’s people don’t have to eat (Sever food security problem). These months are after showing and new crops are yet to come. That time Grain Bank is a great help for them. This programme is so popular that it spread in 4 blocks at about 110 villages in the area. 3. Leather cooperative in one sc village, called Kadamtoli, in Jashpur block. The traditional skills of leather workers were almost finished and leather workers have no work they work as agriculture laborer. It was due to lake of capital. So JSSS started lather cooperative for the lather workers. They buy row materials they clean it and sell the finished product. In this way they could earn better and keep up their traditional skills. This Programme was supported by SWISSAID, Switzerland 4. Beneficiaries Motivational Trg. Programme In Bagicha block, by CAPART- New Delhi, we had one training programme for beneficiaries. There are so many governmental schemes for poor people, Farmers and tribal, but due to ignorance and unwillingness beneficiaries could not get the same Government Aids and it goes to well-off people. How the government aid can benefit the needy people was our objective. This programme could motivate 30 beneficiaries of the Bagicha block. 5. Women Empowerment Trainings In Bagicha block, with the help of Central Social Welfare Board - New Delhi, JSSS could able to conduct training programmes for empowerment of women folk, because in the society they are exploited double. They are weaker secession in the society and same time they are illiterate, so they must empowered for their equality, right and literacy. By this awareness camps women became empowered and now they are working and leading the women folk for the betterment of their society. This programme could empowerd 30 women of the Bagicha block. with the help of CAPART- New Delhi we could again able to get the Beneficiaries Motivational Training programme. This programme could motivate 30 beneficiaries of the Kunkuri block. Tribal empowerment Programme, Special focus on village leadership, Micro savings and credit, Work on Panchayat Raj Extension for Scheduled Areas act, Health, education and Net working, and Legal educations are going on with the help of Caritas Germany. Altogether 39 villages are covered in this programme. Social Analysis, Project management and Networking with other Community based organizations and NGOs also done in this project.
NGO ID : 13084241257
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