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Regd. Date:    31-05-2006 vide Regd. No :    9792

Chief Functionary : Pramod Kumar Sinha

Located in City : Delhi of Delhi State, India.
Address NGO Address : 205, 2nd Floor, Vardhman Mayur Market CSC (adjacent to Mother Diary, Pocket -6), Mayur Vihar Phase III, Delhi, India - 110096

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See the list of Other NGOs in Delhi
Phone Phone : 011-22612281
Mobile Mobile : 9810308476
Email Email : lilawatinarayantrustfsd@gmail.com
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NGO Activities : Lilawati Narayan Trust has been set up with sole objectives of spreading the social services across various locations beginning with Dhanbad Nirsa Block of Jharkhand and Balia Siar Block adjacent to Belthararoad of UP. The Settler Trustee and all other associated members are working satisfactorily in their respective areas and have grouped together to give back to the society. Limited self generated resources has been endeavoured to understand the core areas and issues that could draw priorities while aiming at any social development services. Our sincere effort is to start a participatory process of development by educating people and ensuring their participation to meet their all issues of development with their own effort in an organized manner. Awareness camps in Siar Block of Balia and Nirsa Block of Dhanbad is being carried out. The educational programme has been undertaken in peers group of deprived communities and motivating encouraging inspiring men and women to come forward and participate in the process of development. While carrying out the process of conscientization we have attempted to identify issues which are most important such like subsistence living through self effort and taking benefit of all the official and non-official programmes of government undertaken by public and corporate sector. During these initial years could identify and develop Volulnteers from different programmes that could now be readily tapped to start any national or state level programme in that area. There is dearth of Medical & Educational Facilities for under privileged & girl child and women. These groups are not availing facilities and services what so ever is provided under the official programme. In both the districts {specially the blocks which are taken as pilot working } activities like safe motherhood & maternity services Adult Education with thrust on Girl/Women, awareness on HIV/AIDs , the area being close to National Highways(Dhanbad), Poverty Eradication with vocational training programmes are need of the hour. Our sincere effort has been to make the common man to realize this processes of development in a systematic manner and improve their living conditions gradually. Ours is new Social Organization at the same we are trying to build trust and with building of resources or availability from any Government Funding. We will be in a position to provide services with high degree of impact as we have the sole motto to serve the society without any self benefits as our Members are self sustainable in their respective areas and have come forward together to make this happen. This process was initiated initially with our effort. Now we are attempting to take the participation of the people and financial institution and government departments to make a beginning of people developments through self help groups and community based organization for deprived groups etc.
NGO ID : 1375424130
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See the list of Other NGOs in Delhi