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Regd. Date:    04-05-2005 vide Regd. No :    15-08145

Chief Functionary : Prabodh Mohanty

Located in City : Bhubaneswar of Orissa State, India.
Address NGO Address : 1140/2401, 4th lane Airport Area Bhubaneswar 751020

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Phone Phone : 0674-2594148
Mobile Mobile : 09437053413
Email Email : iinitiative@yahoo.com
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NGO Activities : Issues in development co-operation undergo change and methods are adjusted, scrapped and new ones designed as lessons are being learned. Many challenges and contradiction remain in the field where practitioners and researchers meet with other development actions. Despite the changes, the prevalent way of analyzing and designing development interventions is still the planning cycle, departing from problem analysis and following an objective-oriented integrated approach. i-conI is a 3rd millennium consultative development effort by a group of experienced development workers, who have decades of experience at the grassroots as well as at the management and policy framing levels. They have had the distinctions of working both independently and as a part of a team, with many transnational and national potential grantees, in Project Identification, Appraisal and Proposal Development; Evaluation and Analysis of Project Progress; Documentation, Reporting and monitoring in various development programs. i-conI strives to provide quality solutions to emerging problems in project management in a cost effective and timely manner. The members of the i-conI have worked for various international agencies, National Government and Non-Government Organizations successfully. i-conI has started breaking the shackles of prejudices and attaches importance to create several replicable models by implementing the knowledge based strategies at grass root level. It has involved itself in variety of issues related to the development of the deprived for influencing the people and the policy makers to bring change. In due course of time it has realized the real challenges of the ground realities. i-conI has started believing in the socio economic progress through a steady intervention. Its previous efforts have successfully catered its knowledge resources through different ways of information dissemination. It helps in promoting the collective effort of GO and NGO along with community members for solving different issues. Through its efforts and initiatives, i-conI has keenly observed the existing policies and programmes and found the gaps in the system as well as practices, identified hurdles, issues and searched some legal framework to address these issues properly. It attaches great importance to the participation of the community in the process and consider it mandatory in order to instill a sense of ownership in the target group. But gradually it has understood that some where the implementation of the development concept have not been done properly. Social and the cultural welfare of the masses should be an important part of the planning in modern state. But it has been commonly observed that when ever there is an effort to materialize these plans the implementation fails either due to lack of public support or due to lack of adequate cooperation from the implementing agencies. In both the ways the stakeholders became looser and are unable to avail the benefit of the planning. Keeping this in view i-conI tries to establish itself as a role model for others who shall steer the process and achieve the desired objective. Undoubtedly its knowledge resource has encouraged and inspired several pioneering agencies engaged in the development of the people in the lowest rung of the society. It has occupied a leading role in developing such knowledge based support to various organizations. The necessity of planning is for the overall development of an underdeveloped society and it is almost completely accepted by all the thinking persons of these days. The difference in opinion arises however with respect to the pattern that planning should take. And it is the task of the intelligentsia like i-conI.
NGO ID : 1417424133
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