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Regd. Date:    27-09-2002 vide Regd. No :    98/Ajmer/2002/Rajasthan

Chief Functionary : Anshul Singh Kans

Located in City : Bijainagar of Rajasthan State, India.
Address NGO Address : Kansons Education Society, C/O Human Heritage School, Near Bada Aasan, Post

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Phone Phone : 01462-215053
Mobile Mobile : 09214070700
Email Email : kansonssociety@yahoo.com
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NGO Activities : CHILDREN EDUCATION The society is running an English medium school known as Human Heritage School up to class VIII. As Bhilwara & Ajmer district are very traditional and is backward as the region is dry. People eke out their living from service sector only. There are no industries. Of course Bhilwara is called synthetic city but it is ostensibly as there is $an acute shortage of even drinking water. Children work as child labour in these two cities. For both children and adult education there is large potential. Ours is an undenominational institution. We are providing education to children of all castes & creeds. We motivate child labour and their parents to send their children to school so that they can learn the basics of education. We are providing free education to girl child so that they can compete with other section of society and earn their living especially to children of deprived sections. We cover at least 30 neighbouring villages and have succeeded in motivating parents of those children who are working as child labour in different areas because children are the building blocks of our nation. EDUCATION & LITERACY Though Ajmer district had been declared a literate district yet it is deceptive. Where 80 tom 90 percent of rural fold survive on agriculture and recently on NREGA, how hard parents find time to spend on education. We have conducted survey of neighbouring 20 villages and the statistics show that 50 to 60 percent population are not able to send their children even to Government schools where education is free, books and copies are supplied free. Major reason is inadequate living of parents to feed their children and care for their children. There is strong will among parents to send their children to school but they find themselves helpless. Special facilities, alternate employment opportunities are needed for parents. We are providing education to poor boys & girls and are also endeavoring to motivate illiterate villagers to learn basic language in order to read and understand the matter. For this we organize small campus classes in the evening so that village men and women can spend some of their time in learning so that they can understand the importance of education and literacy. Mostly we organize these campus classes in the neighbouring village independently and with the help of village Panchayat to spread awareness about education and progress in science in native language. RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND POVERTY ALLEVIATION Today in Rajasthan NREGA is a very potential factor enabling survival of rural folk including farmers & cultivators. There is need for establishment of institution like M.L.T, Medical laboratory Technician type of courses of one year & one and half year duration that enable a youth to learn and start practicing & earning. Self employment generating courses are best suited for immediate alleviation of poverty. Government Polytechnic Colleges again had their own limitation. For acountry with burgeoning population, only live skill are needed. For women courses in knitting, stitching, Catering and other servicing are needed to engage women in income generating capacity. Women may not know the three Rs but Nation gifts them with practical wisdom which is enough to generate income. Though Government is running programmes like NAREGA in order to uplift the people living in villages. Our society is also playing an important role in rural development and poverty alleviation. We organize vocational training for men and women like Embroidery, Stitching Wallets of various design & artistic tastes, toy makings, Screen printing, Beautician course, Motor binding, Stone painting, Packaging etc at our own cost so that men and women in villages who are either widow, divorcee can earn their bread by performing these task. Once people become independent, development of rural areas will start gradually. Village women take interest in learning the techniques of pickle making, a few items of confectionary and even biscuit making on simple oven WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT & EMPOWERMENT Notwithstanding various scheme of Government for women empowerment and providing opportunity in civil Governance, Panchayats and other section along with free education of girls. But these planks provide limited scope to limited women. What is needed to explore economically viable crafts, skills to majority of rural women. Scientific culture in breeding sheeps, goats and other mulching animals and their proper care are most needed. To illustrate a prominent example
NGO ID : 1455824135
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