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Regd. Date:    07-03-2007 vide Regd. No :    3021/130

Chief Functionary : Molana Abdul Jabbar Bhat

Located in City : Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir State, India.
Address NGO Address : New Colony, Zampa Kadal, Chattabal, Srinagar-190010

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Phone Phone : 0194-2457948
Mobile Mobile : 09419064167
Email Email : citkmr@yahoo.com
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NGO Activities : 1. To evolve and implement educational, cultural, Social and economic programmes for the youth, students, in order to improve the educational standards. So for we have four educational institute. 2. To help young people to develop a respect for the working masses and a critical analysis of society and development. 3. To provide youth with the opportunities to involve themselves in the service of the Society. 4. To provide learning opportunities for the students on modern and scientific lines. 5. To assist financially or otherwise students with tremendous potential because of want of money. 6. To conduct studies on social, scientific and environmental issues and to disseminate the same through various media, including print and audio visual. 7. To provide reading rooms, libraries and educational centers to the students. 8. To arrange for financial assistance to needy students for their education. 9. To assist the development work of voluntary agencies and the Government. 10. To provide training opportunities for people involved in development activities. 11. To aid and assist the handicapped. 12. To promote all types of educational and cultural activities that will serve to enrich the the lives of the students. 13. To organize and conduct study camps, works camps, training programmes and workshops for the youth and women from all walks of life. 14. To promote studies which explore the inter relation between people, environment, culture and development. 15. To produce and distribute educational aids, films, books, slides on development themes social issues and on communal harmony, the income generated if any, from which shall accure to and from part of the trust fund to be utilized for all or any of the objects of the trust. 16. To promote a better understanding among peoples of different communities, regions and religions, through seminars, conferences and literature. 17. To materially and financially support programmes of individuals and institutions having similar objectives. 18. To provide relief to the needy in areas affected by calamities. 19. To acquire movable and immovable properties for all or any of the objects of the trust in particular. 20. To do all such things as the trustees may decide from time to time for the welfare of the trust and in pursuance of the above object of the trust. 21. To frame rules, regulations or by laws for the effected implementation of many or all of aforesaid objects.
NGO ID : 1510924138
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