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Regd. Date:    31-05-1982 vide Regd. No :    134 OF 1982

Chief Functionary : A P Aboobacker Musliyar

Located in City : KOZHIKODE of Kerala State, India.

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Phone Phone : 0495-2800121
Mobile Mobile : 09446258845
Email Email : info@ihram.org
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Website Website :  http://markazonline.in


NGO Activities : Markazu Ssaquafathi SSunniyya, the shining star in the Islamic educational firmament, with the short span of time, has brought into reality what the common man had hitherto been thinking impossible. Markaz had its humble beginning in the year 1978 under the auspices of Sheik Aboobacker Ahmed. Today it has strength of more than 12,000 students. About one million people are enjoining benefits from its various educational, cultural, social, medical and humanitarian activities. The Markazu Ssaquafthi Ssunniyya is providing marvelous services for the human society in general and Muslim community in particular. It is working hard to promote religious sciences, technology, education and Islamic culture. In addition to that it works for the religious solidarity and peaceful co-existence among the different religions and cultures while chameleonic policy is raging conflicts and communal disturbances in some parts of the country. INSTITUTIONS UNDER MARKAZU SSAQUAFATHI SSUNNIYYA There are 30 various institutions under the patronage of Markaz. They are of different kinds; colleges, schools, technical centers, hospitals, humanitarian aids, social activities etc... EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS RUNNINING UNDER MARKAZ COLLEGES 1 Markaz Arts and Science College 2 Markaz Arts College 3 College of Theology 4 College of Islamic Law 5 College of Arabic Language & Literature (Equalized to Al Azhar University, Egypt) 6 Markaz Sharee’ath College 7 MN, College of Islamic Science SCHOOLS 8 Markaz Higher Secondary School, Karanthur 9 Markaz Girls Higher Secondary School,Karanthur 10 Markaz English Medium Senior Secondary School Karanthoor 11 Markaz International School, Calicut, Eranchippalarn 12 Markaz Public School Koyilandy 13 Markaz Public School Pookad 14 Markaz Public School Mundoth 15 Markaz Public School Balussery 16 Markaz Public School Puduppadi 17 Markaz Public School Ayikkarappadi 18 Markaz Public School A R Nagar - 19 Markaz Public School Pilassery 20 Markaz Public School Gontal 21 Markaz Public School Lony 22 Markaz Public School Kashmir 23 Ishaath Public School Poonoor 24 Al Azhar Kids Garden Poonoor 25 Al-Farookiyya High School 26 Senior Secondary School (CBSE) Residential Education Centre For Girls,poonoor 27 Boys Residential School, Karanthur 28 Banath Residential School for Girls, Karanthur - 29 Global Students Village Thamarasseri, Poonoor 30 Al-Noor Educational Center, Gouziyya Nagar, Myssore 31 Markhins Institute of Higher Islamic Studies Banloor Ulsoor 32 Markazussaquafathi Ssunniyya West Bangal Zone Kolkatha 33 Fathimabi High School TECHNICAL, PROFESSIONAL & MANAGEMENT INSTITUTES 34 Institute of Human Resources Activation and Managmet (IHRAM) 35 Makaz Technical Institute 36 MarkazITC 37 Markaz Handy Crafts Training Centre ORPHANAGES 38 Orphanage For Boys 39 Orphanage For Girls 40 Home Cares 41 Kashmiri Home 42 Students Home MEDICAL SERVICES 43 Poonoor Hospital & Reserch Centre (PHRC) 44 Al-Hilal Clinic 45 Campus Health Care 46 Medical Camps Blood Donations 47 Unani Medical College HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITIES 48 Sweet Water Project 49 Marriage Aid 50 Food Distribution 51 Causalities Aid OTHERS 52 Library & Research Centre 53 Laboratories 55 Language Labs 56 Scholarship
NGO ID : 18564241336
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