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Regd. Date:    10-05-2001 vide Regd. No :    39431 of 2001

Chief Functionary : Parshuram Ray

Located in City : Delhi of Delhi State, India.
Address NGO Address : C-5/121 Yamuna Vihar Delhi-110053

Contact Details

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See the list of Other NGOs in Delhi
Phone Phone : 011-22914738
Mobile Mobile : 9810400214
Email Email : cefsdelhi@hotmail.com
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Website Website :  http://www.cefsindia.org


NGO Activities : Centre for Environment and Food Security (CEFS) is currently focusing its entire energy, time and resources to make NREGS(National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) corruption -free. In order to ensure effective implementation of the NREGS and to make it corruption-free, CEFS has invoked and utilised the powers and might of all the four major pillars of Indian democracy- Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Press. The CEFS survey reports on NREGS implementation in Orissa and Madhya Pradesh(M P) have made an unprecedented impact on the ground and all the four players have been stirred into action. There are already over 500 news stories/articles ( English,Hindi and Oriya) based on CEFS reports. There have been many official enquiries/ investigations conducted to look into the veracity of the CEFS survey reports on the implementation of the NREGS in Orissa and MP . The Central Government instructed CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) to conduct a special enquiry into Rs 500 crore NREGS scam in Orissa uncovered by CEFS survey. The Central Government also asked the Government of Orissa to conduct an official enquiry into the allegations of CEFS report and submit it to the Central Government . The Government of Orissa ordered a thorough probe of the performance of NREGS by Hyderabad-based NIRD (National Institute of Rural Development). The Central Employment Guarantee Council (CEGC) also visited Orissa to carry out its own enquiries/evaluations. There have been many questions in Parliament regarding CEFS survey reports .
NGO ID : 211724121
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See the list of Other NGOs in Delhi