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Regd. Date:    19-08-2005 vide Regd. No :    NO.H/RS-4407

Chief Functionary : KAHOTO

Located in City : Kohima of Nagaland State, India.
Address NGO Address : Kahoto Sumi Krulezo Kohima 797001 Nagaland P.O Box No. 790

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Phone Phone : 0370-2280555
Mobile Mobile : 9436604280
Email Email : sumikahoto@gmail.com
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NGO Activities : The name of the NGO is "NIQOMI RURAL LIBRARY SOCIETY". It was registered on 2005 vide Regd. No. H/RS 4407. This NGO was formed with the motive of spreading awareness on different fields like Education, HIV /AIDS and Drug Addictions, Afforestation, Consumer Rights, Upliftment of villagers and their living standard etc. in the whole state of Nagaland. Since its inception and till date, it has helped large sections of villagers and other poor people to eradicate illiteracy, poverty, ignorance etc. from their life to some extent. However, from its long experience in helping and aiding the poor masses of Nagaland, the Society founded the main reason behind poverty and ignorance was illiteracy. If illiteracy could be overcome, much progress can be done at every field of life at a very speedy manner. Therefore after thorough and marathon deliberations among the members, the Society decided to construct a BIG LIBRARY in Kohima district of Nagaland through the grant-in-aid from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Kolkata-700064. This Library will be well-furnished, which will be equipped by various books which will contain vast subjects written by authors of national, international and regional fame as well and in simple language, giving knowledge and information about modern science, proper method of cultivation, folk tales, various religions, history, biographies of great personalities of the world etc.,etc. Apart from the above, the Library will also contain vast volume of books in history, culture, tradition, art etc of the whole region of North-East, focusing its central views/thoughts regarding Nagaland. The Society will give emphasis in providing books which will provide great reading interests among the youngsters, adult and the aged people. The practice of reading vast number of books in different subjects will surely enlighten their wisdom and thus there will be hardly anytime left for them to indulge in destructive habits like gambling, drinking, using alcohol, quarrelling etc. Kohima District of Nagaland is lagging behind in the field of literacy in comparison to other districts of Nagaland. Once such a library is established in this just developing district, the general masses of Kohima and its neighboring areas will be benefitted immensely. In conclusion, the Society is too pleased and excited to inform the concerned Ministry that the Project of constructing a BIG LIBRARY in Kohima District of Nagaland is very ambitious and promising. It will be unique Library because at present there is not even a single NGO Library in the whole District of Kohima which can benefit the general masses to any extent.
NGO ID : 272132257
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