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Regd. Date:    16-03-2009 vide Regd. No :    123-RS of 2009

Chief Functionary : Mr Joy Kailwoo

Located in City : Udhampur of Jammu and Kashmir State, India.
Address NGO Address : Pine Villa, Ward No 7, Railway road, Udhampur-182101, Jammu and Kashmir

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Phone Phone : 01992-271759
Mobile Mobile : 9858042763
Email Email : info@pacificsociety.org
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Website Website :  http://pacificsociety.org


NGO Activities : As the name Pacific Society for Promotion of Youth and Welfare of General Masses Jammu and Kashmir (PSPYWGM) suggests, it has been founded by distinguished persons from various walks of life in the society with multifarious objectives of development of knowledge and socio-economic culture. The Society is deemed to focus on human development with commitment to facilitate and promote knowledge creation and dissemination to nurture future generation in order to build knowledge based society. With these ideas in views the Society did approach the state government of Jammu and Kashmir with the request for Registration of the PSPYWGM Society as Non Government Organization. Accordingly the Society was registered by the Registrar of Societies, Government of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu under the societies Registration Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D) of Jammu and Kashmir vide registration no. 123-RS of 2009 Dated 16th March 2009. With the Registration of the Society by the government, deliberations were initiated with other compatible organizations and other government agencies for the purpose of concatenation of materials and intellectual resources to forge ahead the spirit of mission for the welfare of the poor people of the area. Accordingly the contacts were developed with of the local chapter of Rotary International, District level Authorities of Health Department, Social welfare Department and Information Department for co-ordination of infrastructural resources and manpower for spreading awareness of health, hygiene and environmental upkeep in the social society. The registration of the Society was received by the functionaries of the Society on 2nd April 2009 and within about a month, while the formulation of programmes of the Society were yet being formulated, the Society was able to participate in a number of welfare programmes organized locally. 1. Launching of PSPYWGM and the World Health Day The significant event of launching of the Society was synchronized with the ceremonial occasion of observing the World Health Day. The dual event was organized in Govt. District Hospital, Udhampur in co-ordination with the district health authorities on 7th April 2009. The function was participated by the Health Authorities, Medical professionals and members of the Society and other organizations as also social celebrities. A good number of participants delivered their views regarding the importance of the World Health Day vis-à-vis the degrading public health, its imponderable magnitude and impediment to give impetus to fight it out. The social structure needs to pull up the sleeves to save the mankind. In the very context, the address of the chairman of the PSPYWGA Society highlighted the finer aspects of the aims and objectives of the Society and its dedicated commitment to forge ahead in the field of health, education and environment. 2. Workshop for the Disabled and Handicapped The PSPYWGM co-opted with the holding of workshop for disabled and handicapped persons by the department of social welfare with the co-sponsorship of AIMCO on 25th April 2009. More than two hundred persons from the far flung areas of the district attended the camp. These people were diagnosed of their infirmity and even sizes were collected for providing them the artificial limbs. The camp was immensely successful and all the patients were provided with quality food by the PSPYWGM. 3. Nursing Day Just after few days another important event of celebration of the nursing day was observed in the District Government Hospital on 12th May 2009. The function too was observed in collaboration with the hospital authorities. The function was participated by working and trainee nurses beside other members of staff and members of PSPYWGM. The objective of the observation of the occasion was to instill a sense of confidence among the nursing professionals regarding the nobility attached to the profession that they have chosen. Heretofore had been a wide but wrong notion that the profession they are into or opting with is just despicable chosen not by their choice but adopted out of unavoidable desperation. The speakers as such laid down the thrust upon the fact that the profession is not subject to any subjugation but a foundation for healthcare without which no medical service can survive. They should, therefore, foresee a bright future that lie ahead due to changed conditions. This made the participant paramedics extreme exhilarating frenzy indulging into hilarious songs and dances. At the end of the function well over hundred patient prescription books were presented by PSPYWGM to the Hospital Authorities which were urgently required by the hospital for its emergence medical service. The participating nurses and trainees were also presented with Mementos and certificates of appreciation for their meritorious services. Though involvement was also there in a symposium held in Government District Hospital on 5th June 2009 for awareness of Diabetes, the Society activities got slowed down in summer due to factors like summer vacations of Academic Institutions and lesser mobility of the public, it will get fully geared up after the month of September and even boosted with the endeavor to field the auxiliary programmes like
NGO ID : 294642314
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