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Regd. Date:    29-04-1989 vide Regd. No :    No. RS. 1198

Chief Functionary : Dr T Nyekha

Located in City : Kohima of Nagaland State, India.
Address NGO Address : Youth Mission Couseling cum Rehabilitation Centre Indira Gandhi Stadium Road Kohima. P.O. Box No. 127 Kohima, Nagaland- 797001

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Phone Phone : 0370-2900051
Mobile Mobile : 9436016536
Email Email : ymission@sancharnet.in
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NGO Activities : The Youth Mission has been serving the people of Nagaland through its various activities since 1989. The Youth Mission with its Head Office in Kohima has extension of its programme/activities in Phek. It first started Day-Care Counseling Programme and was subsequently upgraded to De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre in 2000. For over the past 2 decades, the Youth Mission has been combating drug abuse, alcoholism and spread of HIV/AIDS. The staffs being professionally well trained who have undergone various trainings both nationally and internationally provided by various organizations, have been working with dedication and commitment for drug addicts/alcoholics and HIV/AIDS free society and re-building them to become useful and healthy citizens of our country. We undertake follow up programme by visiting the homes of our ex-clients, sending several letters and as part of our rehabilitation programme, we give guidance and rehabilitation to a number of recovered addicts and HIV+ people by providing linkage for integration into the community. Some of them are rehabilitated with vocational programme, work place and with educational settings. Besides the activities in the Rehabilitation Centre, the Youth Mission mainly focuses on the targeted groups such as Commercial Sex Workers (CSW), Addicts, Ex-addicts, Recovered addicts and students who have discontinued their studies. Counseling, treatment, guidance and awareness on preventive measures of the spread of HIV/AIDS are given to these targeted groups. We also encourage and refer them to visit Voluntary Counseling Treatment Centers (VCTC) for blood test to check their status. Awareness campaigns, seminars and workshops concerning the issues of drug abuse, alcoholism, HIV/AIDS are conducted at various platforms such as schools, colleges, churches, hospitals, and other places all through the state besides the targeted groups. As part of the Youth Mission’s activities, we visit Hospitals and Jails on weekly basis and carry out Home visits and giving counseling to the addicts’ families and spreading awareness on various issues and giving counseling on co-dependency through the year and discussing with the related issues. The Youth Mission distributes booklets, pamphlets/leaflets to various sections of the society as part of our awareness campaign. It may be mentioned that, Youth Mission observes the International Day against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking every year in collaboration with governmental agencies and other NGOs and VOs. The motto of the Youth Mission “Rescue the Perishing” as the name suggests has been rescuing many perishing people by bringing them back to the right track through its programme and activities. The general public have been made aware of the severe consequences of drug addiction/alcoholism and unprotected sex related cases such as HIV/AIDS and STDs. Many addicts,alcoholics and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) have been helped in various ways through our counseling and rehabilitation programme who have now become healthy citizens. They have been provided linkage for integration into the community. The Youth Mission being a well equipped and well known Organization for its activities and programmes, we are committed in our activities and even have opened another Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA) at Phek for which we have submitted the application to the MSJE for its approval of the project and sanction of grant-in-aid for the year 2009-2010.
NGO ID : 3107421051
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