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Regd. Date:    25-06-1993 vide Regd. No :    2713 of 1993

Chief Functionary : shri L Lakpati Singh

Located in City : Imphal of Manipur State, India.
Address NGO Address : Kwakeithel Nganapi Thong Mapal Imphal, Manipur

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Phone Phone : 0385-2444311
Mobile Mobile : 9862638282
Email Email : shitalsingh63@yahoo.com
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NGO Activities : Achievements The Guru Gulapi Nata Sankirtana Academy, Imphal is a training and research instiute in the field of Sankirtana and its allied arts with an aim to preserve, disseminate Nata Sankirtana tradition of Manipur. The Sankirtana tradition of Manipur is a unique and shastriya tradition created only for devotional service (Bhakti Saadhana) to Shrimad Radha Givindajee according to the directives of Shrimad Bhagavat Puran with the support of Sidha Bhaktas, scholars and royal patronage since Rajarsi Bhagyachandra (1763-1798 AD) adopted Gouriya Vaisnava Sampradaya, the School of Vaisnavism following the line of Shri Krisna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as the state religion of Manipur. The Sankirtana, synonym of Bramha Yagya (one of the five Mahayagya), performed in the medium of Taal, Songs, Dance and Music to establish the Rupa, Guna, Shakti, Mahima of the God with the Raaga of Taala composed of Dhruva Paada of different sizes of Kaala. So Taala being the soul and spine of Sankirtana, Sankirtana is said to be Taala Pradhana (an invocation infused by rhythm). A brief mention of Sapta Rupa Dhruva as described by the Naatya Veda (419 Sloka of Taala Adhyay) is said to be the basis of seven sequences of Sankirtana as under. “Bramhoktam Sapta Rupamhi Samavetaad vinihsritam, Deiva Aaraadhaanam Punya Maanantam Geeta Vaaditam” Meaning
NGO ID : 3514721110
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