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Regd. Date:    13-05-1967 vide Regd. No :    110/1967

Chief Functionary : Sadhu Shyam Prasad

Located in City : Hyderabad of Arunachal Pradesh State, India.
Address NGO Address : Sree Kala Nikethan, H.No.8-7-56/1 (PNR-43), Hastinapuram Central, Nagarjuna Sagar Road, Hyderabad - 500 079.

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Phone Phone : 040-24090246
Mobile Mobile : 9666605099
Email Email : sreekalanikethan45@gmail.com
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NGO Activities : Play production and organisation of cultural and literary programmes in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh and also to cary social and cultural activities through seminars play production, seminars and in culcating theatre and cultural activities so as to preserve, promote the ancient Indian culture through its programmes. The association is in existence from the last 45 years and has produced several plays and topical importance before highly appreciative audience in and out side of the State of Andhra Pradesh. The association has also falicitated persons who have devoted for the development of Telugu threatre at its annual meetings held at Hyderabad. The association has also honoured leterary personalities who have contributed for the development of Telugu language and leterature. The Association has conducted 2 national seminars on dramatergy in colabaration with Sangeeth Nataka Academy, New Delhi and Sahitya Academy, Bangalore and seminar papers are published in a Book form so as to make the threatre papers for the use of threatre artists and also to the students who are undergoing threatre training in all the 4 Universities in A.P. Further the association has taken up reviving the old dramatic texts and being presented on the stage for the benefit of the young threatre students. Distingushed threate personalities are being invited to rebder valuable lectures on the development of theatre through ages. Thus the association activities three fold i.e. play production, conduct of seminars, publication of dramatic literature and remembering the greate personalities of theatre and literature. Sreekalanikethan, Hyderabad is a unique organization of its kind in the entre State of Andhra Pradesh
NGO ID : 3822121132
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