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Regd. Date:    10-12-2003 vide Regd. No :    Hosh/556/03-04

Chief Functionary : Dalvir Singh

Located in City : Hariana Hoshiarpur of Punjab State, India.
Address NGO Address : Shan-e-doaba Sabhayacharak Society (Regd.) C/o Dalvir Singh s/o Sh. Amrik Singh Near Shiv Mandir Pahari Gate, Hariana

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Phone Phone : 01886-501651
Mobile Mobile : 09815137251
Email Email : shanedoaba.society@yahoo.in
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NGO Activities : Achievments of Shan-e-Doaba Sabhayacharakl Society (Regd.) Hariana, Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab. This cultural society is registered under societies Act 1860 vide registration No. Hosh/556/03-04. This society has been doing several acts of social welfare under the Presidentship of Dalvir Singh since 2003 til date. Several social welfare activities undertaken by the Shan-e-Doaba Sabhayacharak society (Regd.) Hariana, Distt. Hoshiarpur are as under. (1) Organising several sports tournaments in villages and towns like the following sports (Cricket, Kabaddi and Volleyball) (2) Distributin of Sports kits among the deserving poor children. (3) Organisation of seminars for school children mspiring and guiding them against the menace of Junk food, mstilling good manners acquaintance with traffic rules and preparing them to respect their elders. (4) Awakening of ladies and girls against the scourage of Dowry system and sordid practice of aborting female foetus (fetus). (5) Making females (Girls) aware about their legal and constitutional rights and providing the village girls vocational training like courses of (Beautician, Embroidery, Painting, Cutting & Tailoring. cooking and computers) for anabling them to start their own professional career society is conducting all these courses on teh principal of no profit no loss. These courses are preferably offered to poor village girls handicapped girls and grandchilfren of freedom fighters. (6) This socieity has established more than hundred youth clubs in different villages and towns of the Hoshiarpur Distt of the state of Punjab. considering this achievement of the Shan-e-Doaba Sabhayacharak Society (Regd.) its President Dalbir Singh was honoured with the Presidentship of Internatinal Club Association. (7) Shan-E-Doaba Sabhayacharak Society has organised serveral seminars and workshops against the fast spreading Pomdemic of AIDS with the Collaboration AIDS control society Punjab & Nehru Yuva Kendra being run under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and sports govt of India. People were made aware of the means to save temselves from the deadly infection of AIDS (Avoid contracting AIDS) (8) Society started many cleanlines compaigns in teh villages to protect them from multiple infections diseases. (9) With the help of newly established clubs, society ensured large scale plantation of saplings in the villages and public places and organised lectures and workshop for making public awaer above the means to control environmental pollution. (10) Society took several steps to inspire youth for active blood donation. Inspired and interested youth were issued identity cards mentioning their blood groups for easy donation. (11) Alongwith Blood Donation people for inspired and explained about the need of donation of other organs like (eyes, Kidneys etc.) (12) Shan-e-Doaba cultural society has been actively compaiging against the threat of population explosing. Society has organised several seminars in the remote villages to make masses aware of the advantages of small families and methods to put a check on the unwanted preguancies. (13) Society understands the value of inspiration of youth for diverting them to take steps for social welfare. So taht society gets rid of social problems like alcoholish Drug addiction etc. (14) Whenever there is some natural calamity like flood, fire earthquake or some accident etc This society comes forward to relief and rescue of teh victims. (15) For the various social welfare activities which the society has been undertaking Punjab government and various other social organisation and Association have recognised its services for the youth and social welfare and conferred upon with various awards. (16) The Head office of the Shan-E-Doaba Sabhayacharak society is situated at Pahari Gate, Near Shiv Mandir, Town Hariana, Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab, PIN- 144208. Mobile- 098151-37251, e-mail shanedoaba.society@yahoo.in (17) The entire records regarding the achievements of the Shan-e-Doaba Society (Regd.) as mentioned above hasbeen maintained by the President of the society Sh Dalvir Singh. The same can be produced to prove and support the above mentioned claims if so desired.
NGO ID : 3958021156
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