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Regd. Date:    15-03-1976 vide Regd. No :    6368/BN-4/VL-1964/page 134-153

Chief Functionary : Jagdish C Anand

Located in City : Gurgaon of Haryana State, India.
Address NGO Address : SNS Foundation 88-89, Industrial Development Colony Mehrauli Road, Gurgaon - 122 001 (Haryana

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Phone Phone : 0124-2333851
Mobile Mobile : 9810248587
Email Email : bsrao@snsf.org
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Website Website :  http://snsf.org


NGO Activities : SNS Foundation was established and founded in mid seventies (1976) by Anand Automotive Systems, a leading auto systems and parts manufacturing group of companies of India. The Foundation mission is to give expression to the aspirations of Anand as a corporate, to lead by example, in demonstrating social responsibilities that Indian corporates must assume. Developing community service models that supplement and complement our National priorities in development of marginalised communities is a function entrusted to SNS Foundation by the corporate. SNS foundation has focussed on the development sector of making education and health for all a reality for the poor in urban and rural India, or whether it be the conservation of our natural resources (air, water, plant and animal life) and on creating models of livelihood options for the unemployed and underemployed youth and beyond their productive years. The years 1976 upto 1990 saw SNS Foundation, lead a service-delivery oriented existence, in which ad hoc needs of help-seekers was made a central approach to all field action responses, as a Foundation. These were activities that were not linked to any long-term goals, but activities that supported long-term goals of other agencies like HelpAge cataract eradication programme, support to Health and Family Welfare Department by Rotary by picking up costs of incentives at vasectomy camps, or blood collection drive of Red Cross, tree plantation drives of local government bodies, or awareness generating events supporting children in school for sensitivity to environment, issues of gender discrimination, save- water-campaigns, etc For SNSF the years 2006 onwards will be years of engagement with developing capacities of those of our once-child beneficiaries ( who have successfully completed or being facilitated to complete their early formative years of childhood (3 years to 15 years) and are entering into the young and productive work force of our country. This in our opinion is a time to train them for employment and sustainable livelihood options, setting up homes and leading independent lives as lead members of their families and communities. Making Govt, school buildings and the teaching within these walls more learning-friendly has been a major pre-occupation for SNS Foundation. By mobilising resources for supporting Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan drive for quality learning SNS Foundation thrust area would be brought to focus in the decade 2007-20017. The Foundation Trustees and members as well as the Executive Body are people with vast years experience in social development. They are people of vision, commitment to make our country proud, who have created and distributed wealth through their business acumen, have invested in fostering development and advancement of the work-force in the service and manufacturing industries, pursued a policy of gender equity and justice and have considered guiding the Foundation Executive Committee to support, complement and supplement Government of India efforts through its policies and schemes to reach out to the most needy in our rural and urban areas. Keeping pace with the national economic upswing, the focus is on India youth to meet challenges in the hospitality, facilities management economy
NGO ID : 4230241210
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