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Regd. Date:    11-04-1983 vide Regd. No :    No. 172 – 11 of 1983-84

Chief Functionary : DR BIJAYA KUMAR SAHU

Located in City : BHUBANESWAR of Orissa State, India.

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Phone Phone : 0674-2720516
Mobile Mobile : 09861162567
Email Email : centredevstudies@yahoo.co.in
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NGO Activities : IMPORTANT STUDIES / RESEARCH / IMPLEMENTATION PROJECTS SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED. (i) Evaluation of IRD/ERRP Programme, Sambalpur District, 1981, Govt. Of Orissa. (ii) Evaluation of IRD/ERRP Programme VI Plan, Puri, Mayurbhanj & Keonjhar Districts, 1986, Govt. of Orissa. (iii) Problem of Energy in Rural Orissa, 1987, Got. of Orissa. (iv) “Urja Gram” Surveys in Orissa, 1988, Govt. of India. (v) Study on Tribal economy wit reference to the collection of MFPs and Agro-forestry system, 1989, Govt. of Orissa. (vi) Base Line Survey on Tasar areas and Socio-Economic Surveys of the Rearers, Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, & Sundargarh districts, 1990, Govt. of Orissa. (vii) Base line survey on Tasar areas and Socio-Economic Survey of the Rearers in Andhra Pradesh 1991 Commissioner of Sericulture, Central Silk Board, Bangalore. (viii) Socio-Economic Survey in the National Sericulture Project Areas, Orissa & Madhya Pradesh, 1993, Central Silk Board, Bangalore. (ix) Base-Line Survey on Tasar Rearers and weavers in Madhya Pradesh, 1995, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. (x) Migration of Rural Labourers from Ganjam and Puri districts of Orissa (P.D. – Dr. S.N. Misra), 1996, ICSSR, New Delhi. (xi) A study on the Standard of Living in an Orissa village, on behalf of California University, USA, 1996. (xii) Study on the Shifting Pattern of Household Consumption of Energy in Urban areas of Orissa, 1999, Ministry of Planning, Deptt. Of Statistics, Govt. of India. (xiii) Base-Line Survey of Sericulture under Madhya Pradesh Sericulture Project (MPSP), Bilaspur, 1999, JBIC, Japan. (xiv) Study on popular Folk Dance of Orissa – DANDANATA, 1999 Department of Culture, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. (xv) Mobilization of Tasar Farmers under Madhya Pradesh Sericulture Project (MPSP), Bilaspur, 2001, JBIC, Japan. (xvi) Base-line Survey of Handicrafts in Un-devided district of Puri, under Ambedkar Hastasilpa Yojana, 2003, Ministry of Rural industries, Govt. of India. (xvii) Tribal Migration in India- A study of Chhatisgarh and Orissa, 2003-4, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India. (xviii) Socio-Economic Study of Villages of Karla pat Sanctuary, Kalahandi, 2007. Besides, sponsored studies, the centre has also completed a good number of studies on its own, important among them are; (i) Status of Low-income Workingwomen is Bhubaneswar city, 1992-93. (ii) Impact of Bank Credit on the Tribals of Phulbani district, 1993. (iii) Distribution of Tribal population in Orissa, 1994. (iv) Shifting pattern of household consumption of energy in Urban Areas 1995, Cuttack, Orissa. (v) The Tribal people of Orissa (Their Socio-Economic Status and Development), 1996.
NGO ID : 4844241213
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