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Regd. Date:    21-04-2005 vide Regd. No :    758/IV/2008(amended)

Chief Functionary : Ranjit Kumar Swain

Located in City : Bhubaneswar of Orissa State, India.
Address NGO Address : CHALE CHALO Qr. No. S-3 / 60 At - Niladri Vihar Po- Sailashree Vihar

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Phone Phone : 0674-2721157
Mobile Mobile : 09439400352
Email Email : chalechalo@rediffmail.com
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NGO Activities : Chale Chlao has been actively working in 182 villages in Orissa for empowerment of marginalized communities. We are involved in awareness building, capacity building, mobilization and organizations building, environment protection, livelihood promotion, poverty reduction and sustainable development initiatives. Directly 1, 16,000 populations of 22,000 households have been benefited through various development initiatives and indirectly more than 6 lakhs people have been covered. 425 women SHGs have been promoted, strengthened and sustained and linked with banks, micro-finance institutions, government schemes and other income generation and livelihoods promotion programs. Through our community radio programs we have produced and broadcasted 208 community radio episodes on development issues. Under Mangroves Regeneration and Protection Project we have covered 50 villages, promoted 16 tree nursery centers, planted 60000 mangrove species, created 3 new forests on 22 acres of land, planted 160000 plants in institutions campus, private and public lands in order to meet the fuel, fodder, food and nutrition, household and agricultural needs of the local people and create green belt in coastal area, 900 community leaders, 600 women SHGs’ leaders, 300 youth leaders and 1800 schools children have been oriented on coastal environment, regeneration and protection of mangroves, nursery raising, plantation and plants care, climate change and livelihood promotion etc. Under Environment education programs more than 3000 children have been covered in 62 schools and engaged in learning about local environmental issues, global warming and climate change. Our Community Monitoring under National Rural Health Mission Program covered more 30000 people in 15 villages. We have trained 300 members of Village Health and Sanitation Committees and 84 grassroots service providers of health, nutrition, water and sanitation. Under System of Rice Intensification Program in Nuapada district 188 farmers have been trained, supported and guided for promoting SRI method of paddy cultivation and increased their yields. The organization is promoting sustainable agriculture and NTFP based forest management for increasing productivity and income of the poor.
NGO ID : 7964241228
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