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Regd. Date:    29-12-1993 vide Regd. No :    S25232

Chief Functionary : Prof A K Susheela Ashoka Fellow

Located in City : Delhi of Delhi State, India.
Address NGO Address : Prof.(Dr.) A.K. Susheela Executive Director Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation B-1 Saransh,34 I.P.Extension Delhi - 110092

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See the list of Other NGOs in Delhi
Phone Phone : 011-22731866
Mobile Mobile :
Email Email : frnrdf@gmail.com
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Website Website :  http://www.fluorideandfluorosis.com


NGO Activities : Non-governmental Organization committed to Fluorosis Mitigation in the Country.The Foundation is Providing Fluorosis Diagnostic Services ,Extending expertise in prevention and control of Fluorosis, Providing assistance for hospitals to set-up infrastructure for Fluorosis diagnosis. Extending assistance in training hospital personnel on Fluorosis diagnostic procedures. Conducting updates on Fluorosis for teaching and clinical faculty of medical colleges. Foundation Conducts epidemiological surveys in Rural Indian villages to assess prevalence of Fluorosis. Tests 100% ground water sources for fluoride, for community to get safe water for consumption. Conducts Research in areas where there is need for scientific data. Has developed scientific data to support the view that excess ingestion of fluoride is one of the reasons for Anemia in pregnant mothers; resulting in low birth weight babies. Fluoride ingestion need to be controlled. Has developed scientific data that fluoride ingestion during pregnancy destroys the thyroid gland of the growing foetus resulting in low thyroid hormone levels. Infants and children develop mental retardation (low IQ) knock-knee, bow-leg and other disabilities. Has highlighted that Fluorosis and Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) in children co-exist. Iodine supplementation alone will not help; fluoride source need to be eliminated first for recovery of the children from IDD, if iodized salt supplementation should yield beneficial results. The Foundation is in the process of revealing the reason for infant and children who are suffering from Rickets, but non-responsive to mega dose administration of calcium and vitamin D. Established the fact that fluoride ingestion destroys the stomach and intestinal lining, preventing absorption of nutrients drugs. The structural damage leads to a condition known as Non-ulcer dyspepsia. The complaints in patients due to Fluoride poisoning do not require any medicines; but withdrawal of fluoride source(s) and promotion of essential nutrients would lead to recovery within a fortnight.Developing packages on Fluorosis for Grass-root level functionaries, School teachers, Paramedical workers, Water Supply Engineers, Doctors, Scientific Community, Policy makers. A National Programme on Prevention and Control of Fluorosis
NGO ID : 8865241238
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See the list of Other NGOs in Delhi