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Regd. Date:    10-04-2007 vide Regd. No :    3877

Chief Functionary : Shabnam Aggarwal

Located in City : Chandigarh of Chandigarh State, India.
Address NGO Address : House Number 60, Sector - 4, 160001

Contact Details

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See the list of Other NGOs in Chandigarh
Phone Phone : 011-22757891
Mobile Mobile : 9999874001
Email Email : shabnamaggarwal@gmail.com
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Website Website :  http://www.anandini.org


NGO Activities : * Conduct teacher-training workshops in schools and organizations on Dyslexia and other disabilities * Promote awareness about disability and disability concerns through information material, lectures, workshops, seminars, parent meetings, teacher training sessions * Conduct information-sharing workshops, training sessions with people with disabilities, their families and professionals about the Rights of persons with disabilities * Reach out with direct services to people who require them and facilitate access to services through linkages and referrals * Conduct Research and take on research projects in the areas of education, special education, disability, learning disability, dyslexia, legal rights of the disabled and other disciplines related to disability and education. The research that Anandini conducts will be into issues that directly impact the lives of persons with disabilities, especially children. It will be with the objective of making a difference – by taking the findings back to the target group and informing them; generating ideas, views and opinions on the issue and creating a platform for advocacy. * Create, collate, publish and disseminate information material on issues that impact disability and persons with disabilities in easy-to–understand language and in accessible formats * Document work in the area of disability and related areas such as education, law, human rights, psychology. Compile this information and prepare reports; Prepare documents and write papers for dissemination, discussion and generating actionable issues.
NGO ID : 9540241240
See the list of Other NGOs in Chandigarh
See the list of Other NGOs in Chandigarh