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Regd. Date:    15-10-1990 vide Regd. No :    40/1990

Chief Functionary : Fr John Suresh

Located in City : of Tamil Nadu State, India.
Address NGO Address : Chengalpattu Rural Development Society Thimmavaram, Chengalpattu. Kanchipuram District. Pin - 603 101

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Phone Phone : 044-27426136
Mobile Mobile : 9443230165
Email Email : crdschengai@rediffmail.com
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NGO Activities : Chengalpattu Rural Development Society, popularly known as CRDS is a registered society in Kanchipuram District. In its two decades old history, CRDS has brought in remarkable changes in to the lives of the poor and marginalized in this District, with a special focus for the welfare of the most vulnerable group, women and children. There are about 2115 women SHGs formed by CRDS in the past years whose current savings is about Rs.8,16,40,000/-. These members are trained and motivated to actively take part in Panchayat Raj Institutions. As a result, 147 women members from the SHGs are elected as PRI members in the last local body election. These members are given special follow-up trainings by CRDS to capacitate them on various aspects. Healthy living of the women is a main concern of CRDS. Pre & post-natal care, HIV & AIDS awareness, environmental care, health & hygiene, personality building sessions are few of the trainings given by CRDS to the SHG members. Women entrepreneurs are identified among the target community and trained on various IGP activities to promote their economical standard. Destitute and orphans in the villages are assisted to approach Government bodies to get benefited from various welfare schemes. Rapport with various Govt. & private financial institutions makes our efforts success. CRDS with a keen interest to integrate and promote our cultural heritage has formed a cultural team. Members of this team are trained on folk-arts, street-theatre and play-back theatre to perform the arts and also to spread the learnt art. Education, the most challenging need of the community is seriously viewed by CRDS. Non-formal education, technical training and evening study centers in rural villages. There are 149 evening study centers being run all over the District. Special coaching is given to children on English and other subjects that the children find hard with, besides yearly summer coaching camps. Career guidance programs are being conducted in the villages. Hundreds of youth have been trained on driving and been issued driving licenses. Likewise, youth are trained on carpentry, electrical, carpentry, boat-mechanism, diesel mechanism, computer courses and two-wheeler mechanism. Village community is organized and trained to handle various civic issues pertaining in the villages. Regular trainings and seminars are conducted for the community and are motivated to handle their issues, by themselves. Village Development Committees have been formed in more than 175 villages in the District. Special attention is given to needs of the differently-abled in the villages and are trained, encouraged to approach Government bodies to get the benefits of the existing welfare schemes. A district level Resource Support Team has been formed with representation from all the blocks of the District who would initiate for the welfare of their own community. To respond to various disasters, our organization is giving regular trainings to people in the coastal areas. Task Forces have been formed in the villages and trained to face and manage disasters. Mock drills are conducted in the villages to create awareness and pamphlets, hand-outs are issued to create awareness on man-made and natural disasters. Dalits are given special care and trained on various life-scoping skills. Basic Human and Dalit Rights, Government welfare schemes, Rallies & Awareness camps are organized to capacitate and motivate the Dalits in the District. In the past years, 50 bore-wells have been dug in the District with active involvement and participation of the people. In the past years, CRDS has issued around 8000 saplings in various villages to protect the environment. With the assistance of various inland and foreign agencies, 2,000 permanent shelters have been constructed for the victims of Tsunami and other disasters. With a secular vision, CRDS also strives for the rights of the minorities. There are various minority right based issues that were addressed in the District. The tribals are given attention to ensure their sustained development. In various tribal settlements, bore-wells have been installed, evening schools are being conducted and Government officials were contacted for land titles for the people.
NGO ID : 972241152
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